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1A 11 basic analytical mill 
2Accessories for centrifuge IKA G-L 
3Accessories for electronic contact thermometers ETS-D5 / ETS-D6 
4Accessories for immersion circulators IC / ICC 
5Accessories for incubation shaker KS 4000 i control / KS 4000 ic control 
6Accessories for magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
7Accessories for magnetic stirrer RET control-visc 
8Accessories for magnetic stirrer RH basic 
9Accessories for magnetic stirrer RH digital 
10Accessories for magnetic stirrers C-MAG 
11Accessories for rotary evaporators RV 10 basic / digital / control 
12Accessories for shaker HS / KS 260: AS 260.1 universal attachment 
13Accessories for shaker HS / KS 260: AS 260.2 fixing clip attachment 
14Accessories for shaker HS / KS 260: AS 260.3 dish attachment 
15Accessories for shaker HS / KS 260: AS 260.5 separating funnel attachment 
16Accessories for shaker HS / KS 501 digital: AS 501.1 universal attachment 
17Accessories for shaker HS / KS 501 digital: AS 501.2 separating funnel attachment 
18Accessories for shaker HS / KS 501 digital: AS 501.4 fixing clip support 
19Accessories for shaker KS 130: AS 130.1 universal attachment 
20Accessories for shaker KS 130: AS 130.2 fixing clip attachment 
21Accessories for shaker KS 130: AS 130.3 dish attachment 
22Accessories for shaker KS 130: AS 130.4 test tube attachment 
23Accessories for shaker VXR basic: VX 1 one-hand attachment 
24Accessories for shaker VXR basic: VX 2 test tube attachment 
25Accessories for shaker VXR basic: VX 7 dish attachment 
26Accessories for shaker VXR basic: VX 8 universal attachment 
27Accessories for shakers LOOPSTER 
28Accessories for shakers MS 3: different attachments 
29Accessories for shakers TRAYSTER 
30Accessories for shakers: fixing clips AS 2 
31Accessories for small shakers VORTEX 4 basic 
32Accessories for stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital 
33Accessories for T 10 basic / standard ULTRA-TURRAX 
34Accessories for T 18 / T 25 digital Ultra-Turrax 
35Accessories for T 50 digital Ultra Turrax 
36Accessories for thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital 
37Accessories for thermostats 
38Accessories for tube mill control 
39Accessories for VORTEX shaker 
40Analytical mill A 10 basic 
41Batch disperser ULTRA-TURRAX UTC T 80/2-KT Package 
42Beater A 11.3 
44Centrifuge IKA G-L 
45Centrifuge mini G 
46Circulating chiller RC 2 basic 
47Circulating chillers RC 5 basic / control 
48Circulation chillers Microcool 
49Cutters and beater for universal mills MultiDrive basic / control 
50Cutting blade A 11.2 
51Cutting-grinding head MF 10.1 
52Disperser T 10 basic ULTRA-TURRAX 
53Disperser T 18 digital ULTRA-TURRAX 
54Disperser T 25 digital Ultra Turrax 
55Disperser T 50 digital Ultra Turrax 
56Disperser T 65 basic ULTRA-TURRAX 
57Disperser T 65 digital ULTRA-TURRAX 
58Dispersing elements for high-performance dispersers T25 easy clean 
59Dispersing elements for T 10 basic / standard ULTRA-TURRAX® 
60Dispersing elements for T 18 digital ULTRA TURRAX 
61Dispersing elements for T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX 
62Dispersing elements for T 50 digital Ultra-Turrax 
63Dispersing elements for T 65 basic / control ULTRA-TURRAX 
64Dispersing elements for Ultra-Turrax T 25 digital 
65Disposable tube S 18 / 25-ET50 
66Double beater A 11.6 
68Dry heating block-square series for magnetic stirrers 
69Dry heating block-square series for magnetic stirrers 
70ElectraSyn 2.0 pro Package 
71Electronic contact thermometer ETS-D6 
72Electronic contact thermometers ETS-D5 
73Funnel A 11.7 
74Grinding chamber A 11.4 
75Hard metal cutter M22 
76Heating bath circulators HBC 5 / 10 basic 
77Heating bath circulators HBC 5 / 10 control 
78High-performance disperser T25 easy clean control 
79High-performance disperser T25 easy clean digital 
80Horizontal shaker HS 260 basic 
81Horizontal shaker HS 260 control 
82Horizontal shaker HS 501 digital 
83Hotplates C-MAG HP 
84Hula Dancer orbital shakers 
85Immersion circulator IC basic 
86Immersion circulator IC control 
87Immersion circulator ICC basic 
88Immersion circulator ICC control 
89Impact grinding head MF 10.2 
90Incubator shakers KS 3000 i control / KS 3000 ic control 
91Incubator shakers KS 4000 i control / KS 4000 ic control 
92Magnetic stirrer C-MAG HS 4 / 7 / 10 digital 
93Magnetic stirrer C-MAG HS 7 control 
94Magnetic stirrer color squid 
95Magnetic stirrer IKA Plate (RCT digital) 
96Magnetic stirrer IKA RCT 5 digital 
97Magnetic stirrer Mini MR standard 
98Magnetic stirrer myPlate 
99Magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
100Magnetic stirrer RET basic 
101Magnetic stirrer RET control-visc / white 
102Magnetic stirrer RH basic 
103Magnetic stirrer RH basic 2 Ikamag 
104Magnetic stirrer RH digital 
105Magnetic stirrer topolino / topolino mobil 
106Magnetic stirrers big squid 
107Magnetic stirrers C-MAG HS 
108Magnetic stirrers C-MAG MS 
109Magnetic stirrers KMO 3 basic 
110Magnetic stirrers lab disc 
111Magnetic stirrers Midi / Maxi MR 1 digital 
112Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical 
113Magnetic stirring bars RS 1 / RS 2 
114Manual laboratory lift 
115Microfine grinder drive MF 10 basic 
116Microtiter shaker MTS 2 / 4 digital 
117MT 50 disposable grinding chamber 
118Multi-position magnetic stirrer with heating RT 5 / 10 / 15 
119Multi-position magnetic stirrers RO 5 / 10 / 15 
120Orbital shaker KS / HS 260 control / control NOL 
121Orbital shaker KS 130 basic 
122Orbital Shaker KS 130 basic / control / control NOL 
123Orbital shaker KS 260 basic 
124Orbital shaker KS 260 basic 
125Orbital shaker KS 501 digital plus 
126Orbital shaker VXR basic Vibrax 
127Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control 
128Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control P4 
129Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 digital 
130Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 digital 
131Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 high speed control 
132Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 high speed digital 
133Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 control 
134Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 control P4 
135Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 digital 
136Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 40 digital 
137Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 400 control 
138Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 400 digital 
139Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 60 control 
140Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 60 digital 
141Overhead Stirrer MINISTAR 20 / 40 / 80, MICROSTAR 7.5 / 15 / 30 digital and NANOSTAR 7.5 digital 
142Overhead stirrer with digital display RW 20 digital 
143Overhead stirrers MICROSTAR 7,5 / 15 / 30 and MINISTAR 20 / 40 / 80 control 
144Plastic dispersing elements for T 18 digital Ultra-Turrax 
145Refrigerated and heating circulators CBC 5 basic / control 
146Refrigerated and heating circulators HRC 2 basic / control 
147Ring set for heating baths H 240 
148Rotary evaporators RV 10 auto / auto pro 
149Rotary evaporators RV 10 digital 
150Rotary evaporators RV 3 
151Rotary evaporators RV 8 
152ROTAVISC HELI Complete rotational viscometers 
153ROTAVISC rotational viscometers 
154RSE stirring bar remover 
155Shaker LOOPSTER basic 
156Shaker LOOPSTER digital 
157Shaker ROCKER 2D basic 
158Shaker ROCKER 2D digital 
159Shaker ROCKER 3D basic 
160Shaker ROCKER 3D digital 
161Shaker TRAYSTER basic 
162Shaker TRAYSTER digital 
163Shakers ROLLER 6 / 10 basic 
164Shakers ROLLER 6 / 10 digital 
165Sieves MF for MF 0.25, MF 0.5, MF 1.0, MF 2.0, MF 3.0 and MF 4.0 
166Small shaker MS 3 digital 
167Small shakers MS 3 basic / control 
168Spare beater A 11.1 
169Spare cutter M 21 
170Spare grinding chamber A 11.5 
171Stand with an integrated scale IKA [scale] 
172Star-shaped cutter M 23 and grinding chamber M 20.1 
173STICKMAX adhesive mat for shakers 
174Stirrer RKG-00-Bo 0,55 kW ATEX Package 
175Stirrer RW 28 digital 
176Stirrer RW 47 digital 
177Stirring elements 
178Stirring elements 
179Support rod magnetic stirrers KMO 2 basic 
180Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
181Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer RET control/t and RET control 
182Test tube shaker lab dancer 
183Test tube shaker VORTEX 1 
184Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital 
185Torque-measuring stirrer IKA STARVISC 200-2.5 control 
186Tube Mill 100 Control 
187Tube mill control 
188Tubes for Ultra-Turrax 
189ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive P control 
190Universal mill M 20 
191Universal mills MultiDrive basic / control 
192Vessels for universal mills MultiDrive basic / control 
193Vortex 2 Shaker 
194Vortex breaker Silentstream 
195VORTEX shaker