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1Alcohol spots 
2Allergy lancets 
3Amies swabs 
4Blood lancets 
5Cotton swabs 
6Counting chambers 
7Cover glasses Economy 
8Cover glasses for haemcytometers 
9Cover glasses, round 
10Disposable forceps 
11Disposable scalpels 
12Gloves, polyethylene 
13Identification Swab 
14Loops, Kolle 
15Microscope cleaning kit 
16Microscope slides Economy 
17Mouth spatulas 
18Needle holders acc. to Kolle 
19Original steri-stoppers 
21Qlicksmart BladeBox blade remover 
22Scalpel blades 
23Scalpel handles 
24Scalpels with metal handle 
25Test tube holder 
26Urine sample beakers 
27Wooden sticks