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1Accessories for drying- and incineration systems prepASH series 340 
2Accessories for LabHEAT heating mantles 
3Accessories for laboratory stirrers SLR 
4Accessories for thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital 
5Accessories for thermostats 
6Aluminium adapters for heating elements behrotest 
7Automatic drying- and incineration systems prepASH series 340 
9Ceran hotplates 
10Digital dry bath heater accessories 
11Digital dry bath heaters 
13Electronic temperature regulator KM-EC200 
14Exchangeable thermoblocks for Thermomixer and ThermoStat plus 
15Foot heating plates KM-FHP 
16Glass fibre insulated drum heating jacket KM-HJD-250S 
17Glass fibre insulated heating cables KM-HC-GS 
18Glass fibre insulated heating jacket KM-HJ-450 
19Glass fibre insulated heating panel KM-HPG-450 
20Glass fibre insulated heating tapes KM-HT-G 
21Heating elements behrotest with metal protective grill 
22Heating jacket for IBC-container KM-IBC-1000 
23Heating mantles with controller and grounding series EM / CE 
24High temperature hotplates PZ 28-3T / PZ 28-3TD 
25Hotplates C-MAG HP 
27LabHEAT glass fibre insulated heating tapes KM-HT-BS30 
28LabHEAT electronic laboratory regulators KM-RX1000 
29LabHEAT glass fibre insulated heating cables KM-HC-G 
30LabHEAT high temperature heating mantles KM-GH series, max. 900 °C 
31LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-M series, max. 450 °C 
32LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-ME series, max. 450 °C 
33LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-MEB 
34LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-MHB 
35LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-MNB 
36LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-MPE series, max. 450 °C 
37LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles series KM-MER 
38LabHEAT power controller KM-L116 
39LabHEAT serial heating units KM-R3 series, max. 450 °C 
40LabHEAT serial heating units KM-R6 series 
41LabHEAT standard heating mantles KM-G series, max. 450 °C 
42LabHEAT standard heating mantles KM-GF 
43Laboratory stirrer and hotplate SLR 
44Lid for for ThermoMixer 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.0 / FP 
45Microwave instruments for laboratory use 
46Module heating mantles 
47Multi heating mantle series EMV / CE 
48Power controller Voltron-Plus 
49Rapid incinerators 
50Reaction exchange blocks for thermo shakers 
51Residual current detection (RCD) adapter KM-PSA16 
52Safety a.c. power controller MES 2000 PSI 
53Safety temperature controller Tempat-DSI 
54Silicone insulated heating mats KM-SM 
55Silicone insulated heating tapes KM-HT-201 / 202 
56Silikat insulated heating cables KM-HC-H 
57Silikat insulated heating tapes KM-HT-H 
58SmartBlock for Eppendorf ThermoMixer 
60Spare heating elements for rapid incinerators 
61Stainless steel bottom drum heater KM-HBD-200 
62Stirrer heating mantles series EMA / CEB 
63Stirring heating blocks STIRRING DRYBATH 15-100 / -250 
64Temperature controller Tempat-D 
65Temperature controller TR 28-3T / progammer PR 5-3T 
66Temperature sensors 
67Thermo shakers 
68ThermoMixer C 
69ThermoMixer F0.5 / F1.5 / F2.0 / FP 
70Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital 
71ThermoStat C 
73Triac controller MES 2000