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1Accessories for data loggers with display 
2Accessories for WAStick tester kit series 
3AirControl 5000 CO2 instrument with data logger 
4Combination instrument for temperature, humidity and dewpoint P330 
5Data loggers with display 
6Equipment for TA 140 logger for temperature and humidity 
7Folding pocket thermometers ThermoJack 
8Infrared thermometer Miniflash I 
9Infrared thermometer with circle laser SCANTEMP 410 
10Infrared thermometer with laser SCANTEMP 440 
11Infrared thermometer with piercing probe Dualtemp Pro 
12Laboratory pocket thermometer LABTHERM 
13Laboratory thermometer with alarm 
14LOG 32 TH data logger, temperature and humidity 
15LOG10 temperature data loggers 
16LOG100 / LOG110 temperature and humidity loggers 
17Lumatic Spot 120 Meter 
18Measuring sensors for P400 / P410 
19Mechanical addition stopper 
20Mini anemometer 
21Mini humidity meter 
22Mini humidity meter 
23Mini light meter 
24Mini sound level meter 
25Moisture measuring instrument 
26P4000 Profi-thermometer 
27PH CHECK pH instrument 
28Pre-drill for frozen food 
29TA 140 logger for temperature and humidity 
30TC-1 thermal camera with micro-SD memory 
31Temperature / Humidity-Logger TA 120 
32Temperature meter P300 
33Temperature-Humidity instrument TA 100 Humidity Alert 
34TempMate GS GSM single use data logger for temperature and humidity 
35Thermometers Pocket-Digitemp 
36Universal thermometer P700 
37WAStick tester COND 1 set 
38WAStick tester pH 1 set 
39WAStick tester pH 5 / pH 5 FOOD sets