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1"Clear Gear" compressed gas cleaner 
2Accessories for Miele washers and disinfectors 
3Accessories for Miele washing machines and disinfectors 
4Alcohol-based rapid disinfection Bacillol 30 foam 
5Anti-static-brushes SW-020 / SW-030 
6Antistatic cleaning cloth Kinetronics ASC 
7AQUARIUS folded hand towel dispenser - interleaved 
8AQUARIUS multifold towel dispenser 
9AQUARIUS slimroll hand towel dispenser 
10AQUARIUS* dispenser for centrefeed - roll control system 
11AQUARIUS* folded hand towel dispensers Standard 
12AQUARIUS* no-touch rolled hand towel dispenser 
13B. Braun wipes dispenser system 
14Brushes, natural bristles and nylon 
15Cleaning additive neodisher EM 
16Cleaning agent neodisher LaboClean UW 
17Cleaning agent neodisher MA 
18Cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean GK 
19Cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean PLM 
20Cleaning agents neodisher LM 10 
21Cleaning agents neodisher LM 2 
22Cleaning agents neodisher LM 3 
23Cleaning agents neodisher N 
24Cleaning agents neodisher PM5 
25Cleaning agents neodisher Z 
26Cleaning agents RDS Labor A8 
27Cleaning brushes 
28Cleaning set for laptop / TFT / LCD screens 
29Cleaning wipes 
30Cleansing tissues ISYSOFT and ISYSOFT II 
31Deterlabo® A, acid detergent, concentrated liquid for manual or machine-washing 
32Deterlabo® AP, acid detergent with phosphates, concentrated liquid 
33Deterlabo® B, alkaline detergent, concentrated liquid for machine-washing 
34Deterlabo® H RTU Sanitising Detergent, RTU spray for surfaces 
35Deterlabo® H, hygienizing detergent, concentrated liquid for surfaces 
36Deterlabo® HW, sanitising detergent, impregnated wipes for surfaces 
37Deterlabo® HWR, sanitising detergent, refill impregnated wipes for surfaces 
38Deterlabo® N, neutral detergent, concentrated liquid for manual use 
39Deterlabo® O RTU, degreaser RTU spray for surfaces 
40Deterlabo® O, degreaser, concentrated liquid for surfaces 
41Deterlabo® OH, hydroalcoholic sanitiser, spray for utensils and surfaces 
42Deterlabo® P, alkaline detergent, powder for machine-washing 
43Disinfectant Bacillol AF 
44Disinfectant spray Meliseptol rapid 
45Disinfection of heat-sensitive items Helipur H plus 
46Dispenser for KLEENEX wipers for hand- and surface desinfection 
47Dispenser for large wipe rolls 
48Easyload injector system 
49Edisonite CLASSIC universal detergents 
50Edisonite SUPER universal detergents 
51Electronic touchless towel system 
52Facial tissues / wipes, 2 sheets, off white 
53Hair brushes, flat 
54Hair brushes, oval 
55Hand Towels for electronic touchless / No-touch towel system 
56Heavy-duty wiping paper 
57Hygiene-Tower - disinfection column for hand disinfectant dispenser 
58Industrial cleaning cloths 
59Instrument disinfecting detergent Mucocit T 
60Instrument disinfection and cleansing Helipur 
61Intensive agents neodisher LaboClean LA 
62Intensive cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean F 
63Intensive cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean FM 
64KIMTECH PURE* W4 wipers 
65Kimtech SCIENCE laboratory tissues 
66KIMTECH Science precision wipes 
68KIMTECH* absorbent towels 
69Kimtech* process wipes 
70Kinetronics Outdoor Photographer's Optical Cleaning Kit 
71KLEENEX facial tissues, 2-ply 
72KLEENEX facial tissues, 3-ply 
73KLEENEX gel hand sanitiser for electronic dispensers 
74KLEENEX multifold hand towels 
75Kleenex towels 
76KLEENEX Ultra Soft towels - dispenser box 
77KLEENEX® hand sanitising wipes 
78KÜSTENSANFT towel roll 
79L900 liquid detergent 
80Lab washers SlimLine PLW 6111 
81Large-chamber lab washers PLW 86 
82Long-lasting cleaning cloths 
83Mobile disinfection column 
84Mobile rack for large rolls 
85neodisher Entschäumer S 
86OEL-KLEEN universal cloths 
87Pipe cleaners 
88Process chemicals ProCare Lab 
89Schülke wipes 70 fleece wipes 
90SCOTT Performance towels 
91SCOTT Slimroll hand towels 
93Special cleaning agents neodisher FA 
94Special cleaning agents neodisher LaboCleanFT 
95Spray disinfection Meliseptol New Formula 
96Surface disinfectant Hexaquart XL 
97Surface disinfectant Melsept SF 
98Surface disinfecting detergents Pursept-A Xpress 
99Surface disinfection MELISEPTOL HBV wipes 
100Surface disinfection MELISEPTOL wipes sensitive 
101Surface disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack 
102Surface-disinfectant cleaner Mikrobac forte 
103Surface-disinfectant Dismozon plus 
104Surface-disinfectant Dismozon pur 
105Surface-disinfectant wipes Bacillol 30 sensitive tissues 
106Surface-disinfectant wipes Bacillol Wipes 
107Surface-disinfectant wipes Mikrobac Tissues 
108Surface-disinfectant wipes Mikrobac Tissues 
109Surface-disinfectant wipes St-tissues 
110Surface-disinfecting detergent Pursept-AF 
111Swivel-head bottle brush 
112Synthetic hair brushes 
113Tapira kitchen rolls, 2 / 3 sheets, white 
114Universal cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean A 8 
115Universal cleaning agents neodisher LaboClean FLA 
116Universal detergent Mucasol 
117Wall holder for small rolls, plastic 
118Washer-disinfectors PG 8536 
119Washer-disinfectors PG 8583 
120Washer-disinfectors PG 8583 CD 
121Washing machine / disinfector SET PG 8593 AE CM DOS 
122Washing machine / disinfector SET PG 8593 AE DOS 
123Water bath protective media RDS Wasserbadstabil 
124Wipe dispensers, acrylic 
126Wypall L10 wipes - roll control system 
127Wypall L20 wipes 
128Wypall X60 Cloths 
129Wypall X70 wipes 
130WYPALL* L30 wipes - large roll 
131X-Wipes dispenser system for fleece wipes 
132X-Wipes fleece wipes