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1250 mL Square Polycarbonate Bottle 
23-neck, with protective coating and fittings 
3500 mL Square Polycarbonate Bottle 
4Accessories for DG safety waste caps 
5Accessories for double walled wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
6Accessories for DURAN GLS 80 laboratory bottles 
7Accessories for GLS 80 screw cap system and GLS 80 stirred reactor 
8Accessories for GLS 80 stirred reactor 
9Accessories for oxygen flasks according to Winkler 
10Accessories for VITgrip lab bottles 
11Accessories for YOUTILITY bottle system 
12Acid bottles DURAN 
13Alu caps 
14Aluminium bottles 
15Amber narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
16Amber narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
17Amber wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
18Ausgiessringe aus PP, GL45 
19Azlon bottles 
20Bio-bottles, narrow mouth 
21BOLA scrubber bottles Vitrum 
22Bottle carrier 
23Bottle carriers 
24Bottle Top Filter, 1 L, 45 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, CA 
25Bottle Top Filter, 150 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, CA 
26Bottle Top Filter, 150 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, PES 
27Bottle Top Filter, 150 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.45 µm, CA 
28Bottle Top Filter, 150 mL, 45 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, CA 
29Bottle Top Filter, 150 mL, 45 mm Neck, 0.45 µm, CA 
30Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, CA 
31Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, PES 
32Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 33 mm Neck, 0.45 µm, CA 
33Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 45 mm Neck, 0.2 µm, NY 
34Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 45 mm Neck, 0.22 µm, CA 
35Bottle Top Filter, 500 mL, 45 mm Neck, 0.45 µm, CA 
41Bottles with finger sprayer 
42Bottles with roller flange, Duran 
43Bottles, high shoulder 
44Bottles, medium mouth 
45Bottles, narrow mouth 
46Bottles, narrow mouth 
47Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD 
48Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD 
49Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square 
50Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square, white 
51Bottles, narrow mouth, PELD 
52Bottles, narrow mouth, PFA 
53Bottles, narrow mouth, screw cap, PP 
54Bottles, reagent, wide mouth, soda-lime glass, clear 
55Bottles, wide mouth 
56Bottles, wide mouth 
57Bottles, wide mouth 
58Bottles, wide mouth 
60Cap, Solid, 45 mm, orange 
61Captive caps 
62Closures for barbed bulkhead fittings 
63Closures for narrow mouth bottles series 310 'Clear Grip' 
64Closures for PURE bottles 
65Closures for round bottles series 321 VarioPack Dual 
66Closures for wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
67Closures with UN-approval, PP 
68Combination closure 
69Conical-shoulder bottle, PP, 10000 ml, GL 63, PP-stopper, 2 handles narrow 
70Container, wide mouth 
71Containers Only, 250 mL, PP, Sterile, Bulk 
72Containers, 250 mL, PP, w/Polyethylene Lid, Sterile 
73Containers, wide mouth 
74Containers, wide mouth 
75Containers, wide mouth 
76Containers, wide mouth 
77Containers, wide mouth 
78Corning® GL45 Red High Temperature (180°C) PBT Screw Cap 
79Culture bottles, Duran 
80Culture media bottles, Duran 
81Culture media bottles, Duran 
82Culture media bottles, Duran, straight rim 
83Distributors for reaction vessels for GLS 80 Schott bottles 
84DIY wash bottles with blank write-on-panel 
85Double walled wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
86Dropper bottles 
87Dropper bottles, coloured screw cap / control dispensing tip 
88Dropper bottles, PELD 
89Dropper bottles, PELD, white PP closure and PELD control dispensing tip 
90Dropper bottles, white, coloured screw cap / control dispensing tip 
91Dropper bottles, white, white closure / control dispensing tip 
92Dropper caps 
93Dropping bottle 
94Dropping bottle, FEP 
95Dropping bottles 
96Dropping bottles 
97DURAN bromobutyl-rubber stopper for laboratory bottles 
98DURAN GLS 80 protect wide mouth bottles 
99DURAN multiport connection systems GL 32 
100Duran Original Laboratory Bottle, GL 45, with high temperature screw cap 
101DURAN pressure plus laboratory bottles 
102DURAN protect laboratory bottles 
103DURAN Protect laboratory bottles with screw cap and pouring ring 
104DURAN venting membrane screw caps 
105DURAN YOUTILITY bottle system 
106DURAN® Ansetzflaschen, weithals, Erlenmeyerform 
107DURAN® Enghals-Standflasche, ungeschliffen, klar 
108DURAN® Enghals-Standflaschen, klar, ohne Stopfen 
109DURAN® Gaswaschflaschen 
110DURAN® GLS 80 Weithalsflasche, klar 
111DURAN® Kappen für Säureflaschen 
112DURAN® Niveauflaschen 
113DURAN® Stutzenflaschen (Abklärflasche), Bodentubus mit NS 
114DURAN® Stutzenflaschen, Hals mit DIN-Gewinde GL 45, Bodentubus GL 32, komplett 
115DURAN® Weithals-Standflaschen, klar, ohne Stopfen 
116DURAN® Weithals-Standflaschen, ungeschliffen, klar 
117Economy bottles 
118Erlenmeyer-cap caps 
119Ersatzdeckel für Rollerflaschen, Easy Grip Belüftungsdeckel, steril 
120Ersatzpipette für Tropfflasche, klar 
121Filter unit receivers MF75 series 
122Filtering flasks 
123FKM spare seal (VMQ) 
124Flexible top works systems 
125Fluid-transfer closure 
126Fluorinated large wide mouth bottle 
127Fluorinated narrow mouth bottles, Nalgene 
128Fluorinated wide mouth bottles 
129Gas wash bottle adapters 
130Gas wash bottle adapters, with sintered glass disc 
131Gas wash bottle, 500 ml 
132Gas wash bottles, Boro 3.3 
133Gas wash bottles, PFA 
134Gas washing bottle 
135GL 45 Bottle Carrying System 
136GL 45 multi-port screw cap system 
137GL 45 stainless steel laboratory bottle 
138Glass bottles with wide mouth Duran GLS 80 / GLS 80® Protect 
139Glass caps Duran® 
140GLS 80 Double Walled wide mouth bottles 
141Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PC 
142Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PETG 
143Invitro Biotainer carboys, PEHD 
144Laboratory bottles pressure plus+ protect 
145Laboratory bottles with DIN thread / Premium Media Bottles, Duran 
146Laboratory bottles with DIN thread, Duran 
147Large narrow-mouth bottles, PELD 
148Large narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
149Large wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
150Large wide mouth square bottle, PP 
151Large wide mouth square bottle, PPHD 
152Lids Only for PP Containers, PE, Sterile, Bulk 
153Low particulate / low metals bottles 
154Mason jars 
155Media bottles with certified cleanness 
156Meplat bottle, 125 ml, white, octagonal, with screw cap 
157Meplat bottles 
158Meßzylinder, 100 ml, graduiert, PS, steril 
159Metal cap, stainless steel, 38 mm 
160Multi-purpose containers 
161Multiple distributors for bottles 
162Multiple distributors for bottles, GL 45 
163Multiple distributors for GLS 80 Schott bottles 
164Multiport connection system GL 45 
165Multiport connection systems GL 25 
166Narrow mouth bottles 
167Narrow Mouth Bottles Safe Grip, Serie 310, PEHD, natural colour 
168Narrow mouth bottles series 310 'Clear Grip' 
169Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
170Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, Safe Grip 
171Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, sterile 
172Narrow mouth bottles, PELD 
173Narrow mouth bottles, PELD 
174Narrow mouth bottles, PFA 
175Narrow mouth bottles, PP 
176Narrow mouth PassPort IP2 bottles 
177Narrow neck bottles, FEP 
178Narrow-mouth bottles for environmental samples 
179Octagonal PET bottles 
180Organ storage jar, 100 ml, without stopper 
181Originalitätsverschlüsse, PP 
182Oxygen flasks according to Winkler 
183PET media bottles with leak-proof IATA validated screw cap 
184PET narrow mouth bottles, amber 
185PET narrow mouth bottles, clear 
186Plastic hose connections 
187Plastic hose connector 
188Plastic Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / with Aperture 
189Premium screw caps / pouring ring 
190Pressure sprayer Food 
191Pressure sprayer Turn'n'Spray 
192Pressure sprayers 
193Production- and storage bottles (carboys) 
194protect production- and storage bottles (carboys) 
195PTFE coated GL 45 silicone septum for piercing 
196PURE bottles 
197Rasotherm® laboratory bottles GL45 
199Reactangular bottles 
200Reagent bottle, NS 19/26, amber, soda-lime-glass, 250 ml, narrow mouth