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1Absorber pads ChemoSorb Pad 
2Aprons Tyvek 600 Plus 
3Cleansing tissues ISYSOFT and ISYSOFT II 
4Hood tyvek Isoclean 
5Laboratory mats 
6Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pro B-2 
7Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pro B-3 
8Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pure 
9Pandemic protection kit type 1 
10Pandemic protection kit type 1B 
11Pandemic protection kit type 2 
12Protective gloves Dermagrip ultra LT 
13Protective gowns Cleo saphir 
14Protective overalls Tychem 2000 C Dupont 
15Protective overalls Tyvek 200 EasySafe 
16Surgical masks