Accessories for Microsart® and Biosart®

Usage:no indication
Membrane:no indication
TypeOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Filter support for Microsart® or Biosart®, st. steel, with sintered frit, for 47 mm membrane filter54485891-168ZA-A0001 
Filter support for Biosart®, st. steel, with sintered frit, for 47 and 50 mm membrane filters54485901-168ZA-B0001 
Double coupling for the connection of 2 Microsart® manifolds by quick connector, st. steel54485911+168ZA-C0001 
Adapter for connecting of the PC filterholder with the Microsart® manifold, st. steel54485921-168ZA-D0001 
Blind cap for closing inlet or outlet of the Microsart® manifold by quick connection, st. steel54485931-168SP-A0001 
Quick connection coupling for silicon tubing, PSU54485941-168SP-B0001