OxiTop® IDS Measurement System  WTW
OxiTop® IDS Measurement System

OxiTop®-IDS with Bluetooth® data transfer for 'BOD-Self Check Method' acc. DIN EN 1899-2 (H55) and for special applications.

OxiTop®-IDS measurement systems for measuring 100 heads in up to 12 measurement sets with up to 12 samples incl. up to 12 measuring heads.

OxiTop®-IDS is a member of WTW IDS family, supporting up to now electrochemical and optical parameters. Using a Multi 3620 or 3630 IDS in combination with IDS WLM-M module allows (existing meters and modules before October 2019 need a firmware update via Internet) programming and data transfer from the OxiTop®-IDS heads. The meters are not a part of the delivery, please order separately.

Support of automatic set and sample ID, also user-definable. Data and curves can be displayed, measured data can be transferred via a USB on a memory stick in a csv format into Excel®.

These routines are available with Multi 3620 IDS / Multi 3630 IDS:
  • BOD-Standard: including sample averaging up to 4000 mg / l.
  • BSB-Special incl. freely selectable sample volume, vessel volume, temperature and dilution factors up to 400000 mg / l.
  • Pressure mode 500 to 1250 hPa (1500 hPa with OxiTop®-IDS / B heads) for soil respiration, anaerobic digestion (biogas) and more.

The measuring period can be adjusted between 0.5 h to 180 days.

Accessories for BOD:
Amber sample bottles, stirring bars, stirring bar remover, rubber quivers, overflow measuring flasks 164 and 432 ml, nitrification inhibitor, stirring platform.
Technical Data:
Data sets per measurement:default 1 result per day, up to 360 results per period (depending on run time)
Measuring period:0.5 h up to 180 days
Power supply:1 x LS 14250 (1/2 AA)
Interface:Bluetooth® LE
Temperature range:storage: - 25 to + 70 °C
operation: + 5 to + 55 °C
TypeDescriptionOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Multi 3620 IDS set WL meter set incl. IDS WLM-M module 52026891-2FD56W 
Multi 3630 IDS set WL meter set incl. IDS WLM-M module 52022551-2FD57W 
OxiTop®-IDS standard measuring head 54479891-209700 
OxiTop®-IDS/B measuring head for biogas applications 52026881-209701 
OxiTop®-IDS 6, 6 measuring heads3 x blue, 3 x grey52022816-209704 
OxiTop®-IDS set 6for BOD, aerobic decomposition, 6 measuring points55673901-209711 
OxiTop®-IDS set 12for BOD, aerobic decomposition, 12 measuring points55673911-209713 
OxiTop®-IDS set A6for aerobic decomposition, with 1000 ml bottles, 6 measuring points55673921-209721 
OxiTop®-IDS set A12for aerobic decomposition, with 250 ml bottles, 12 measuring points55673931-209723 
OxiTop®-IDS set AN6for aerobic decomposition, biogas, with 1000 ml bottles, 6 measuring points55673941-209725 
OxiTop®-IDS set AN12for aerobic decomposition, biogas, with 250 ml bottles, 12 measuring points55673951-209727 
OxiTop®-IDS set B6for soil respiration, with 500 ml bottles, 6 measuring points55673961-209729 
OxiTop®-IDS set B6Mfor soil respiration, with 1 l vessels, 6 measuring points55673971-209731 
Additional sets on request.
Please order CO2 absorber NHP 600 separately.