OneRack® Tube Racks  Heathrow Scientific
OneRack® Tube Racks  Heathrow Scientific
OneRack® Tube Racks
Heathrow Scientific

The durable OneRacks® are molded in a single, continuous piece. No assembly required and no detachable pieces. The racks are made of Delrin® fiberglass reinforced POM. They are sturdy and highly resistant to acids, bases, solvents and heat.
  • Autoclavable.
  • High chemical and heat resistance (- 40 to + 140 °C).
  • Stable design for use in water baths.
DescriptionPositionsFor vials
Order No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
OneRack®915 to 50blue110 x 110 x 8554449168-HS27505B 
OneRack®915 to 50magenta110 x 110 x 8554449188-HS27505D 
OneRack®915 to 50green110 x 110 x 8554449178-HS27505C 
OneRack®915 to 50white110 x 110 x 8554449158-HS27505A 
OneRack®1610 to 18white120 x 122 x 9254449118-HS27504A 
OneRack®1610 to 18blue120 x 122 x 9254449128-HS27504B 
OneRack®1610 to 18green120 x 122 x 9254449138-HS27504C 
OneRack®1610 to 18magenta120 x 122 x 9254449148-HS27504D 
OneRack®2010 to 18white100 x 127 x 8363693981-HS27503A 
OneRack®2010 to 18blue100 x 127 x 8363693991-HS27503B 
OneRack®2010 to 18green100 x 127 x 8354449098-HS27503C 
OneRack®2010 to 18magenta100 x 127 x 8354449108-HS27503D 
OneRack®2415 to 50white282 x 110 x 8554449378-HS27515A 
OneRack®2415 to 50blue282 x 110 x 8554449388-HS27515B 
OneRack®2415 to 50green282 x 110 x 8554449398-HS27515C 
OneRack®2415 to 50magenta282 x 110 x 8554449408-HS27515D 
OneRack®2415 to 50yellow282 x 110 x 8554449418-HS120207 
OneRack®365 to 10white104 x 104 x 5954448998-HS27501A 
OneRack®365 to 10blue104 x 104 x 5954449008-HS27501B 
OneRack®365 to 10green104 x 104 x 5954449018-HS27501C 
OneRack®365 to 10magenta104 x 104 x 5954449028-HS27501D 
OneRack®365 to 10yellow104 x 104 x 5954449031-HS120398 
OneRack®365 to 10white127 x 127 x 7054449048-HS27502A 
OneRack®365 to 10blue127 x 127 x 7054449058-HS27502B 
OneRack®365 to 10magenta127 x 127 x 7054449078-HS27502D 
OneRack®365 to 10yellow127 x 127 x 7054449081-HS120399 
OneRack®365 to 10green127 x 127 x 7054449068-HS27502C 
OneRack®4010 to 18white252 x 100 x 8354449298-HS27513A 
OneRack®4010 to 18blue252 x 100 x 8354449308-HS27513B 
OneRack®4010 to 18green252 x 100 x 8354449318-HS27513C 
OneRack®4010 to 18magenta252 x 100 x 8354449328-HS27513D 
OneRack®4010 to 18white300 x 120 x 9254449338-HS27514A 
OneRack®4010 to 18blue300 x 120 x 9254449341-HS27514B 
OneRack®4010 to 18green300 x 120 x 9254449358-HS27514C 
OneRack®4010 to 18magenta300 x 120 x 9254449368-HS27514D 
OneRack®725 to 10white202 x 104 x 5954449198-HS27511A 
OneRack®725 to 10blue202 x 104 x 5954449208-HS27511B 
OneRack®725 to 10green202 x 104 x 5954449218-HS27511C 
OneRack®725 to 10magenta202 x 104 x 5954449228-HS27511D 
OneRack®725 to 10yellow202 x 104 x 5954449238-HS120205 
OneRack®725 to 10white250 x 127 x 7054449248-HS27512A 
OneRack®725 to 10blue250 x 127 x 7054449258-HS27512B 
OneRack®725 to 10green250 x 127 x 7054449268-HS27512C 
OneRack®725 to 10magenta250 x 127 x 7054449278-HS27512D 
OneRack®725 to 10yellow250 x 127 x 7054449288-HS120206