Microtitration Plates, 96-Well  BRAND
Microtitration Plates, 96-Well

Non-sterile. U-bottom wells, PP, ideal for volumes up to 300 µl. Compatible with most microtitration plate centrifuges.
  • High chemical resistance (e. g. phenol, chloroform, DMSO).
  • Raised rings around the orifice of each well minimise possible cross-contamination.
  • Plates can be sealed with self-adhesive DMSO-resistant sealing film (cross-cut).
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Alphanumeric code and cut-away corner simplify sample identification and orientation.
  • Can be used with multi-channel pipettes and automatic liquid handling systems from all leading manufacturers.
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Microtitration plate, U-bottom, volume 300 µl5390425100-7013 30