Peel Off Tacky Mats  Dastex
Peel Off Tacky Mats  Dastex
Peel Off Tacky Mats

30 resp. 60 layers of peel off tacky mat (single layers self-adhesive PE foil) to trap smallest particles. Self-adhesive underneath for good grip on the floor. When the top layer of the tacky mat is saturated it is torn off to reveal the next adhesive layer beneath. There is a reverse index numbering on the single layers to show clearly time the remaining number of sheets.

Microbiocide treated. Application areas: directly before or behind the inner transfer door, during maintenance.
  • Cleanroom classes ISO 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Breite1140.00 mm
Materialno indication
Sterileno indication
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