Thorbi® Cryo Vials, Sterile
Thorbi® Cryo Vials, Sterile

  • Gamma sterilised.
  • In resealable bags.
  • RNase- / DNase- / DNA- and pyrogen-free.
  • Non-cytotoxic, cadmium-free.
  • USP Class VI, SAL 10-6.
  • Made of PP.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Coloured cap inserts available (please order separately).
  • Temperature resistant from - 196 to + 121 °C.
  • For storage in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.
  • Graduated, with labelling field.
  • Fast opening and closing.
  • Star-base foot, self-standing.
  • One-hand operation possible in a cryo tube rack (please order separately).
Ø x H
ThreadOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
1.212.5 x 35external5436577500-LCR1ANSMY 
2.012.5 x 47external5436578500-LCR2ANSMY 
5.012.5 x 90external5436579250-LCR5ANSMY 
1.212.5 x 35internal5436580500-LCR1BYSMY 
2.012.5 x 47internal5436581500-LCR2BYSMY 
5.012.5 x 90internal5436582250-LCR5BYSMY 
Thorbi colour inserts for cryo vials
Thorbi well workstation racks for cryo vials