Adapt-A-Rack™  Heathrow Scientific
Heathrow Scientific

Flexible multi-tube rack: capable of holding different size tubes in each available slot as the well literally adapts to the tube size to hold firming and upright position. The design allows to hold 12 to 30 mm (5 to 50 ml) tubes simultaneously and at the same time full viewing of the tube label. Racks can be linked together for additional holding capacity.

Open sides allow for label viewing. Flat base to hold tubes upright.

Linked racks should be supported underneath when carrying. Available in solid or combination colours for applications, end user or environment identification.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Single rack dimensions: 181 x 56 x 76 mm.
BeschreibungOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Adapt-A-Rack™, combination: blue / green54376932-6120184
Adapt-A-Rack™, combination: blue / yellow54376942-6120185 
Adapt-A-Rack™, combination: pink / white54376952-6120186 
Adapt-A-Rack™, blue54376962-6120187 
Adapt-A-Rack™, white54376972-6120188 
Adapt-A-Rack™, pink54376982-6120189 
Adapt-A-Rack™, yellow54376992-6120190 
Adapt-A-Rack™, green54377002-6120191