Pipette Tips Ultra Low Retention, TipStack™, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Pipette Tips Ultra Low Retention, TipStack™, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Pipette Tips Ultra Low Retention, TipStack™, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)

The surfaces of the Ultra Low Retention tips are produced through a special, physicochemical process. The homogeneous, defect-free surface thus produced has extremely low surface tension - over 50 % less than PTFE. This significantly reduces sample loss and provides substantially higher reproducibility when working with critical media.
  • Ideal for biological samples that contain detergents such as Triton® X-100, SDS, Tween etc.
  • No additives that can be leached out, no siliconisation of the surface.
  • High chemical resistance: ideal for working with solvents.
  • The tips can be autoclaved at 121 °C (2 bar) without damaging the material properties.

Non-self-sealing filter tips from BRAND have a PE filter that is free from chemical additives. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. These filters function with consistent reliability. On the other hand, liquids can pass very slowly should they accidentally contact the filter. Since the filter does not swell as in the case of self-sealing filter tips, the sample can be recovered from the filter by simply actuating the pipette's blow-out function or by centrifugation if necessary. This is clearly an important advantage of non-self-sealing filters, especially when working with valuable samples. As an added advantage, the absence of filter additives protects samples from this source of contamination.
A tip tower containing 5 filled tip-trays and a TipBox constitute the space-saving refill system for 20, 200 and 1000 µl tips. Tightly sealing spacers prevent the tips from getting stuck together and ensure them to be free from DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP.
  • The sterile TipStacks (BIO-CERT® quality) are supplied with a transfer aid for contamination-free use in a previously sterilised TipBox.
  • Each packaging unit contains 2 TipStacks™.
  • All components are recyclable; reduced amount of waste.
  • Sterilisable and reusable TipBox.
  • High purity of the pipette- and filter tips.
  • Space-saving design.
Pack10 racks of 96 tips + 2 boxes
SterileOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
0.5 to 20non-sterile54345711-732344
2 to 200non-sterile54345721-732348
50 to 1000non-sterile54345731-732352
0.5 to 20BIO-CERT®54345741-732364
2 to 200BIO-CERT®54345751-732368
50 to 1000BIO-CERT®54345761-732372