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Heating Circulation Bath Thermostats  Huber
Heating Circulation Bath Thermostats

Heating circulator bath with a powerful pressure pump made of industrial plastic material. Moistened parts in st. steel. Cooling coil for (tap) water (3/8"). With adjustable overtemperature protection according to DIN 12876.
  • Safety class III/FL (DIN 12876).
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Overtemperature and low level protection.
  • Powerful pressure / suction pump.

Thermostats with MPC® microprocessor temperature controller
  • LED temperature display.
  • Easy operation with only 3 keys.
  • LED indicators for heating, cooling and pump.
  • RS232 interface.

Thermostats with Pilot ONE® controller with Plug & Play technology
  • 5.7" touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation.
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions.
  • RS232 interface and Pt100 connection.
  • 5-point calibration.
Technical Data:
Operating temperature range:(- 30) 45 to 200 °C
Bath volume:5.0 l
Bath depth:150 mm
Heating power:2 kW
Temperature stability acc. to DIN 12876:0.02 K (CC®-205B)
0.05 K (MPC®-205B)
TypePump pressure max.Pump suction max. Order No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
CC®-205B27 l / min, 0.7 bar25 l / min, 0.4 barPilot ONE® controller54338701-2004.0001.01 
Thermal M bath fluid