ThermoTop®  Eppendorf

Easy control of temperature of samples: the ThermoTop® with unique condens.protect technology, reliably prevents condensation formation on the tube lid and wall. It also improves temperature homogeneity. The Eppendorf ThermoTop® does not have a cable connection. It is detected by the device as soon as it is positioned, via inductive signal transmission and thermoregulation starts automatically. The sample temperature is not affected: optimal sample protection with optimal reaction conditions produce optimal results.

The ThermoTop® is compatible with the ThermoMixer™ C, ThermoStat™ C, ThermoMixer™ F0.5 / F1.5 / F2.0 / FP. Combined with the ThermoMixer™ C and ThermoStat™ C, the ThermoTop® can be used with thermoblocks for plates and lab vessels with a volume up to 2 ml. Compatible thermoblocks feature the condens.protect symbol.
  • Efficient and reliable condensation prevention on tube lid and wall.
  • Guarantees constant reaction conditions for optimal enzymatic performance.
  • Improves handling times, tubes don't have to be spun down at the end of the incubation.
  • Simple, wireless handling with automatic recognition and operation.
  • Improves temperature homogeneity of the thermoblocks.
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