Accessories for Dipping Bottles / Vessels / Immersion Cylinders  Bürkle
Accessories for Dipping Bottles / Vessels / Immersion Cylinders

Manually-operated reels:
The manually-operated drum reels are used to lower dipping bottles and immersion cylinders safely to the required depth in shafts, wells and tanks and then to pull them up again. The manually-operated drum reels can be equipped with various cables or chains.
  • High winding capacity of up 150 m for cable 2 mm Ø.
  • Inner / outer reel width: 44 / 55 mm.
  • Inner / outer Ø: 100 / 180 mm.
  • Manually-operated reels made of PP, green, without lowering cable.
  • Manually-operated reels made of PA, black, electrically-conductive, without lowering cable.

Lowering cables:
For dipping bottles and immersion cylinders, matching manually-operated drum reels made of various materials. Tensile load max. up to 10 kg.
  • V2A / PTFE-coated: ulra pure materials, virtually no influence on the sample by the cable. Excellent chemical resistance. Cable remains practically dry, as all the liquid flows off the PTFE skin.
  • V2A: good chemical resistance, electrically conductive.
  • PP cord: red, cost-effective.
  • Copper lowering cable EX: made of copper, made of metal that does not produce sparks, electrically conductive.
Order No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
Manually-operated reelPP--54298261-5309-0010
Manually-operated reelPA, electrically-conductive--54298271-5309-0020
Manually-operated reel EX with grounding cablePA, electrically-conductive215054352721-5309-0030
Lowering / hoisting chainV4A2.31054298281-5309-0510
Lowering / hoisting chainV4A2.32554298291-5309-0525
Lowering / hoisting chainV4A2.35054298301-5309-0550
Lowering cableV2A / PTFE-coated21054322441-5309-0110
Lowering cableV2A / PTFE-coated22554322451-5309-0125
Lowering cableV2A / PTFE-coated25054322461-5309-0150
Lowering cableV2A1.251054322501-5309-0301
Lowering cableV2A1.252554322511-5309-0302
Lowering cableV2A1.255054322521-5309-0305
Lowering cablePP cord, red21054324551-5309-0201
Lowering cablePP cord, red22554324561-5309-0202
Lowering cablePP cord, red25054324571-5309-0205
Copper lowering cable EXwith loops4.51054324581-5309-0410
Copper lowering cable EXwith loops4.52554324591-5309-0425
Copper lowering cable EXwith loops4.55054324601-5309-0450
If flammable or highly flammable liquids are to be collected, then electrically conductive manually-operated drum reels must be used together with an earthing cable. The dipping bottles must be made of non-sparking metal.