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Accessories for Combitips advanced®  Eppendorf
Accessories for Combitips advanced®

Adapter colour suits the colour of Combitips®. Marking of the adapter shows the size of Combitips®.

Optimised adapter connection:
  • Good optical feedback: 'window' shows correct closure.
  • Good haptic feedback: tight fit between adapter and Combitip®.

The Combitip®-rack features trouble-free and single-hand operation during dispensing work. The transparent tray allows for the sizes of the Combitip® to be easily identified using the colour coding.
  • Resealable, reusable box, autoclavable (Combitips® are not autoclavable).
TypeColour codeDescriptionOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
ViscoTip® pipette tips, 10 mlorangeEppendorf Quality5197061100-0030089502 
Rack for 8 Combitips advanced® 0.1 to 10 ml-Eppendorf Quality54318301-0030089758 
Adapter, 25 mlredEppendorf Quality54318261+0030089715 
Adapter, 50 mllight greyEppendorf Quality54318271-0030089723 
Adapter, 25 mlredBiopur®54318287-0030089731 
Adapter, 50 mllight greyBiopur®54318297-0030089740