Compact Jerrycans  Bürkle
Compact Jerrycans

The compact jerrycan is ideal as a space-saving canister with its width of 6.5 or 12.5 cm. Different liquids can be stored and decanted in a small space. It is very stable due to ribbed structure and thick sides.
  • With or without threaded connector 3/4".
  • PP, transparent.
  • Canister PP without stopcock autoclavable.
  • With moulded, indestructible liter graduation.

The compact jerrycan, made of electrically conductive PEHD, is especially well suited for use in explosion-proof areas. When correctly earthed, it prevents the danger of ignition due to an accumulation of electrostatic charge. The canister thus helps to meet the requirements of the ATEX 137, TRBS2153 and CENELEC 50404 guidelines. It can be used for dispensing and storing combustible and highly flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC.
  • PEHD, black, anti-static.
  • With or without threaded connector 3/4".
DescriptionOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
Jerrycan10.00without threaded connector54451611-0435-1100
Jerrycan10.00with threaded connector 3/4"54451621-0435-2100
Jerrycan set10.00incl. 1 spigot StopCock and 1 compact jerrycan54451631-0435-0010
Jerrycan set10.00incl. 1 spigot Compact and 1 compact jerrycan54451641-0435-3010
Compact jerrycan, electroconductive5.00without threaded connector54466021-0435-1055
Compact jerrycan, electroconductive10.00without threaded connector54466031-0435-1105
Compact jerrycan, electroconductive5.00with 3/4" threaded connector54466041-0435-2055
Compact jerrycan, electroconductive10.00with 3/4" threaded connector54466051-0435-2105
Compact jerrycan Flachmann5.00without threaded connector54259841-0435-1050 
Compact jerrycan Flachmann5.00with threaded connector54259851-0435-2050 
Compact jerrycan and stopcock set5.00incl. jerrycan Flachmann and stopcock Compact54259831-0435-3000 
Compact jerrycan and stopcock set5.00incl. jerrycan Flachmann with glands, spigot StopCock54352661-0435-0001 
Support stand Flachmann for 2 x 5 l compact jerrycans54344021-0435-9102 
Support stand Flachmann for 3 x 5 l compact jerrycans54344031-0435-9103
Stopcocks are available on request.
Stopcock Compact