BioSpectrometer®  Eppendorf

Small, very compact spectrophotometer for measurements in the UV and VIS range. Spectra can be recorded and individual wavelength measurements can be made in a spectral range of 200 to 830 nm. Additionally, the cuvette shaft of the BioSpectrometer® kinetic is temperature controlled from 20 to 42 °C, meaning that enzyme and substrate kinetics can be measured directly in the device. No device upgrade with accessories is necessary for temperature control.
  • UV / Vis spectral range 200 to 830 nm.
  • Freely selectable wavelengths across the entire UV / Vis spectral range (increment: 1 nm).
  • Compatible with microliter measuring cells and standard cuvettes.
  • Temperature controlled cuvette shaft in the BioSpectrometer® kinetc (20 to 42 °C in 0.1°C increments).
  • Fluorescence intensity measurements across a range of 0.5 to 2000 nm fluorescein with the BioSpectrometer® fluorescence.
  • Data transfer via USB interface.
  • Xenon flash lamp with very long service life.
  • Help box with explanation of each individual step in 5 languages.
  • Integrated application and results memory.
  • Preprogrammed applications for quick start.

Only BioSpectrometer® kinetic:
  • Integrated Peltier element for temperature control of the cuvette shaft.
  • Freely selectable cuvette shaft temperature control in a range of 20 to 42 °C with 0.1 °C increments.
  • Preprogrammed and freely programmable kinetic methods.
  • Subsequent modification of the time window for regression evaluation.
TypeOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
BioSpectrometer® basic54312141-6135 000.009 
BioSpectrometer® kinetic54312151-6136 000.002 
BioSpectrometer® fluorescence54367011-6137 000.006