AccuTech® Gloves, for Pharmaceutics and Clean Rooms  Ansell
AccuTech® Gloves, for Pharmaceutics and Clean Rooms

AccuTech® Gammex® gloves for controlled and sterile environments. Made with a specific natural rubber formulation that offers a high level of comfortable, sensitive, precise handling.
  • Low allergenic content.
  • Natural colour.
  • Thickness fingertips 0.20 mm.
  • Meet the requirements of EU norm 89/686/EWG and the European norms EN 420:2009+A1:2009 and EN 374:2003.
  • Category III 'Complex Constructions' (protection against fatal risks).
  • AQL (for microholes) 1.0 or EN performance level 2.

Optionally with inner silicone coating:
With inner silicone coating that facilitates easy donning and double-gloving. The cuff is slightly thicker, nicely fitting over the garment. The glove is comprised of a specific formulation of latex that provides high flexibility and elasticity. The gloveás thinner fingertips, combined with the bisque finish, provide good sensitivity, handling precision and dexterity.

Biotechnologies, medical device manufacturing, laboratory analysis, pharmaceuticals, flat panel industry.
Thickness:0.18 [mm]
PSA cat. III / EN374:yes
Glove type:disposable glove
Clothing sizeLength
DescriptionOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
S300.00straight cuff, toque5424249200-91-225S 
M300.00straight cuff, toque5424250200-91-225M 
L300.00straight cuff, toque5424251200-91-225L 
XL300.00straight cuff, toque5424252200-91-225XL 
S285.00straight cuff, toque, inner silicone coating5424253200-91-250S 
M285.00straight cuff, toque, inner silicone coating5424254200-91-250M 
L285.00straight cuff, toque, inner silicone coating5424255200-91-250L 
XL285.00straight cuff, toque, inner silicone coating5424256200-91-250XL 
S300.00straight cuff, toque5424257200-91-325S 
M300.00straight cuff, toque5424258200-91-325M 
L300.00straight cuff, toque5424259200-91-325L 
XL300.00straight cuff, toque5424260200-91-325XL