DermaShield® Gloves, Allergy Prevention  Ansell
DermaShield® Gloves, Allergy Prevention  Ansell
DermaShield® Gloves, Allergy Prevention

Poly-chloroprene, green, free of latex proteins and accelerators. Minimises both Type I and Type IV allergies associated with natural rubber. High chemical resistance, product and user protection. Suited for critical environments ISO 5 (Class 100 & GMP AB). AQL 0.65 (EN374).
  • Bisque fingertips.
  • Thickness 0.175 mm.
  • Length 310 mm.

Aseptic drug manufacturing, biotechnologies, medical device manufacturing, handling of cytostatics.
PSA cat. III / EN374yes
Glove typedisposable glove
Clothing sizeForDescriptionOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Ssterile environmentswith straight cuff5424233200-73-701S 
Msterile environmentswith straight cuff5424234200-73-701M 
Lsterile environmentswith straight cuff5424235200-73-701L 
XLsterile environmentswith straight cuff5424236200-73-701XL 
Ssterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424237200-73-711S 
Msterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424238200-73-711M 
Lsterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424239200-73-711L 
XLsterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424240200-73-711XL 
Snon-sterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424241200-73-721S 
Mnon-sterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424242200-73-721M 
Lnon-sterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424243200-73-721L 
XLnon-sterile environmentswith beaded cuff5424244200-73-721XL