EPPi® Grid Dividers
EPPi® Grid Dividers

PP. For EPPi® empty boxes and all boxes 130 x 130 mm to 133 x 133 mm.
  • Height 30 mm.
No. of
Tube Ø
Order No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
3 x 3up to 41.2542418610-RE10300303K
4 x 4up to 30.8542418710-RE10300404K
5 x 5up to 24.5542418810+RE10300505K
6 x 6up to 20.35436575100-RE10300606K 
7 x 7up to 17.3542418910+RE10300707K
8 x 8up to 15.0542419010-RE10300808K
9 x 9up to 13.6542419110+RE10300909K
10 x 10up to 12.0542419210-RE10301010K
12 x 12up to 9.85436576100-RE10301212K