Falcon™ Sterile Pipettes  Corning®
Falcon™ Sterile Pipettes

Sterile pipettes for cell culture, certified as non-pyrogenic acc. to FDA-guidelines. Certificate is available per charge. Sterile, free of pyrogen, printed graduation with antidromic second scale. With cotton plug, mininal meniscus formation and fast process. Identification via colour coding.
BeschreibungOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
11 / 100 ml, yellowFALC3575061000-357506
21 / 100 ml, greenFALC3575081000-357508
5eco bag 1 / 10 ml, blueFALC357529500+357529
10eco bag 1 / 10 ml, 25 per sterile bag, redFALC357530500-357530
25eco bag 1 / 4 ml, violetFALC357515200-357515