24- / 48-Well PCR Plates, qPCR  BRAND
24- / 48-Well PCR Plates, qPCR

The plates reduce material costs and allow work on a compact PCR plate even with small sample throughputs.
  • PP.
  • 0.2 ml wells.
  • Suitable for most commercially available thermal cyclers.
  • Non-skirted.
  • Standard profile, elevated rim.
TypeColourOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
24-well PCR platesclear538080040-7814 11
24-well PCR plateswhite542259240-7814 12
48-well PCR platesclear538080120-7814 15
48-well PCR plateswhite542259320-7814 16
Self-adhesive sealing films-5420197100-7813 91