AdenoPACK Kits for Adenovirus Purification  Sartorius
AdenoPACK Kits for Adenovirus Purification

Vivapure AdenoPACK 20
A downscale kit in the AdenoPACK series, purifying up to 1 x 1012 virale particles from 20 ml cell culture. Especially when testing new constructs, parallel and fast purifications of different adenoviruses are essential. This kit allows the rapid, simple and affordable spin column based purification of 6 different samples in parallel and bridges a gap in the CsCI density gradient method - for the first time adenovirus can efficiently be purified from less than 100 ml cell culture volume!

Vivapure AdenoPACK 100
Opimally suited for adenovirus purification from up to 200 ml cell culture for in vitro transfection. This flexible kit contains two AdenoPACK 100 units, which can be either used in tandem for the purification of up to 200 ml cell culture for recovering 1 x 1013 viral particles or individually for purifying 1 to 3 x 1012 viral particles from up to 60 ml cell culture. The purification is pursued manually with a syringe optimally attached to a retort stand.
However, for even more convenience, protocols are provided for optionally running the virus purification with a peristaltic pump or with an infusion pump, in addition to detailed instructions for a manual operation supplied with the kit. The accessories needed for the operation with a pump are supplied as individual products.

Vivapure AdenoPACK 20RT / 100RT
Identical to Vivapure AdenoPACK 20 / 100, however does not contain Benzonase® Nuclease*, which allows longer storage times of the kit at room temperature.

Vivapure AdenoPACK 500
The direct upscale kit to the AdenoPACK 100, for adenovirus purification. In only 2 h, up to 3 x 1013 adenovirus particles are purified and concentrated from 500 ml cell culture. This completely ready-to-use kit is conveniently operated by a laboratory pump, offering optimal flow control and minimal hands-on time. This easy-to-use product replaces lengthy and inefficient cesium chloride dentsity gradient methods.
TypeOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
for 6 x 20 ml50462951-VS-AVPQ020
for 6 x 20 ml50462941-VS-AVPQ022 
for 200 ml50462961-VS-AVPQ101
for 200 ml50462971-VS-AVPQ102 
for 500 ml50462981-VS-AVPQ501