Unwire™ Test Tube Racks  Nalgene®
Unwire™ Test Tube Racks

PP. Will not float in water baths. Stackable when empty to save space. Securely hold a full load of test tubes. Racks are not autoclavable.
Positions6 x 12
ColourFor vials up to approx.
(L x W x H)
Order No.
PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
White13200 x 102 x 5751945791-5976-0013 
White16248 x 127 x 7051945801-5976-0016 
Blue13200 x 102 x 5751945841-5976-0313 
Blue16248 x 127 x 7051945911-5976-0316 
Green13200 x 102 x 5751945921-5976-0413 
Green16248 x 127 x 7051945931-5976-0416 
Red13200 x 102 x 5751945941-5976-0513 
Red16248 x 127 x 7051945951-5976-0516