Amber Narrow-Mouth Bottles, PP  Nalgene®
Amber Narrow-Mouth Bottles, PP

Amber PP, PP screw closure. Excellent chemical resistance to most acids, bases and alcohols. For storing chemicals and standards, collecting and storing distilled water. The 4 and 8 l sizes have built-in shoulder loop for attaching an identification tag. The 2 l comes without shoulder loop. Amber PP to help protect light-sensitive materials. Comply with U.S. Pharmacopoeia 23, 661 requirements for maximum allowable light transmission. Autoclavable, leakproof.
ClosureOrder No.PU Manuf. Prod. No. 
238 to 430 mm51030361-2204-0005 
438 to 430 mm51030371-2204-0010 
853B (white)51030381-2204-0020 
Note: Before autoclaving, just set cup or closure on top of the container without engaging the threads.