CoolFreeze CF-35  WAECO
CoolFreeze CF-35

Compressor cooler for refrigeration and deep-freezing with CF special electronics.
Gross capacity:Approx. 31 l (26.5 l for refrigeration / deep-freezing, 4.5 l for fresh food)
Voltage:12 / 24 V / DC and 110 to 240 V / AC
Average power consumption:Approx. 45 W
Average running time:15 % at 20 °C ambient temperature,
19 % at 32 °C ambient temperature,
both at + 5 °C interior temperatur
Power consumption:Power input x average running time
Temperature range:+ 10 to - 18 °C, adjustable via electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
Insulation:polyurethane foam
System:Fully hermetic Danfoss BD35F compressor with integrated control electronics, low voltage protection adjustable for consumer and starter battery via electronic system, electronic fuse / automatic reverse pole protection,
dynamically ventilated wire condenser, aluminium rollbond evaporator.
Material:Cabinet: PP; lid: PE
Colour:Body: pale grey / dark grey, lid: dark grey
Weight:Approx. 15.0 kg
Quality features:Detachable lid (lid mount at the front), interior light, vertical space for standing 1.5 l- bottles, new CF special electronics with soft start and turbo cooling
Scope of delivery:DC and AC connection cables, evaporator grille, detachable carrying handles
Test marks:TÜV / GS, e-approved according to 95 / 54 / EC (EMC guidelines for vehicles)
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CoolFreeze CF-3550318401-CF-035AC