Exchangeable Thermoblocks  for ThermoStat plus™  Eppendorf
Exchangeable Thermoblocks for ThermoStat plus

Eppendorf makes comfortable temperature control for all common lab tubes possible with the exchangeable thermoblock system for the Thermomixer® comfort and ThermoStat plus.
The exchangeable thermoblocks for the 0.2, 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 ml tubes, 15 and 50 ml Falcons®, PCR plates, tubes with 11 to 11.9 mm Ø and cryo tubes enable very flexible adjustment to the relevant application. As an additional exchangeable thermoblock for the ThermoStat plus, the Eppendorf CombiBox offers a universal temperature control space for flasks and beakers with heights of up to 60 mm.
  • Optimal heat insulation allows safe working (at direct contact with hot surfaces).
DescriptionForOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Exchangeable thermoblock with work rack + 0 °C cool pack24 micro test tubes of 1.5 ml57766741-5360 000.011 
Exchangeable thermoblock with work rack + 0 °C cool pack24 micro test tubes of 0.5 ml57766731-5361 000.015 
Exchangeable thermoblock8 tubes 5.0 ml54342851-5309000333 
Exchangeable thermoblock4 Falcon® tubes 50 ml57766811-5365 000.010 
Exchangeable thermoblocks1.5 to 2 ml cryo tubes57766821-5367 000.017 
Adapter plate96 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes57766781-5363 007 009 
Exchangeable thermoblock4 slides57766841-5368 000.010 
Exchangeable thermoblock4 Eppendorf DualChips57766851-5368 000.100 
Lid, highexchangeable block for micro test plates57766831-5363 000.217