Whirl-Pak® Bags  Kleinfeld
Whirl-Pak® Bags

Whirl-Pak® bags are made from a blended virgin, low density PE. By whirling or tightly folding the tab over three times, the bag becomes a leakproof container.
Following types are available:
  • Standard, without marking area.
  • Write-on bags, with marking area.
  • Stand-up bags with marking area.
  • Thio-stand up bags, contains a sodium-thiosulfate tablet, which neutralise water with chloride content.
Order No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
Standard5875 x 1255430046500-B01009WA
Standard11875 x 1855430047500-0B679WA
Standard20795 x 1805430048500-B00992WA
Standard384130 x 1905570001500-B1018WA 
Standard532115 x 2305570002500-0B736WA 
Standard710150 x 2305570004500-B1020WA
Standard798125 x 3055430049500-B00990WA
Standard1065125 x 3805430050500-B00994WA
Standard1242150 x 3805430051500-B01027WA
Standard1627190 x 3005430052500-B01532WA
Standard2041190 x 3805430053500-B01323WA
With marking area2965 x 1255430054500-B01067WA
With marking area5875 x 1255430055500-B01064WA
With marking area11875 x 1855430056500-B01062WA
With marking area20795 x 1805430057500-B01489WA
With marking area384130 x 1905430058500-B01490WA
With marking area532115 x 2305570003500+B01065WA
With marking area710150 x 2305570005500-B01196WA
With marking area798125 x 3055430059500-B01491WA
With marking area1627190 x 3005429071500-B01195WA 
With marking area2041190 x 3805430061500-B01515WA
With marking area2721254 x 3805430062250+B01445WA
With marking area3637254 x 5085430063250-B01446WA
With marking area5441380 x 5085430064100-B01447WA
Stand-up11875 x 1855570006500-B01364WA
Stand-up532115 x 2305570007500-B01365WA
Stand-up710150 x 2305570008500-B01401WA
Stand-up798125 x 3055430065250+B01448WA
Stand-up1065125 x 3805430066250-B01449WA
Stand-up1242150 x 3805430067250-B01450WA
Stand-up2041190 x 3805430068250-B01451WA
Stand-up, thio-bags10075 x 1855570009100-B01402WA
Stand-up, thio-bags300115 x 2305570010100-B01403WA
Stand-up, thio-bags500150 x 2305446591100-B01601WA 
Stand-up, thio-bags100075 x 1855446592100-B01603WA 
Stand-up, thio-bags200075 x 1855446593100-B01604WA 
Thio-bags10075 x 1855430069100-B01040WA 
Thio-bags300115 x 2305430071100-B01254WA 
Speci-sponge, with sponge532115 x 2305430072100+B01245WA 
Speci-sponge, with sponge1627190 x 3005430073100-B01299WA 
Speci-sponge, with sponge at a stick710150 x 230543007450+B01475WA 
Light sensitive, black bag with opaque filter11875 x 1855430075500-B01472WA 
Light sensitive, black bag with opaque filter532115 x 2305430076500-B01418WA