Cyanase(TM) Inactivation Resin

Cyanase™ Inactivation Cartridges combine 50 μl of Inactivation Resin into a 700 μl silica based spin column for easy removal of Cyanase™ from any reaction. Each spin column is a 10 - 20 μm pore size/polypropylene, snap off base, with sealable screw cap. Reactions are mixed and incubated inside the spin column in the same manner that is used for the standard inactivation resin. After mixing for 20 min, samples are then spun down into a provided collection tube for downstream processing. No worry of contaminating downstream samples with resin, no volume additions! Can be used for Pre-PCR treatment of high sensitivity assays. Just treat PCR master mix with Cyanase™, add to column, incubate with resin, and spin down into collection tube. Target and Primers are added after treatment and PCR is run as normal.
DescriptionOrder No.PU manuf. prod. no. 
1 ML54353941-18543.01