Blank PreNets™ Gel Size 125 x 125 mm, 300 μm

PreNets™ gels are prepared with Net-Fix™ cast into the polyacrylamide matrix adding mechanical stability to the thin gel layer. Net- Fix™ is an inert polyester net activated to bind polyacrylamide. After electrophoresis, the gel is easily lifted from its film support (non-binding) and transferred to the membrane of choice, no tearing or damage will occur when handling the thin layer due to the stabilizing effect of the built-in Net-Fix™.  Both methods, semi-dry transfer and tank transfer, are applicable. Transfer using a semi-dry blotter is usually completed within 30 minutes. Handling of PreNets™ is identical in all steps to operating PRECOTES™, including staining and drying.  Shelf-life of Blank PreNets™ is at least 12 months, either as blank gels (without ampholyte) or in the equilibrated form (with ampholyte, without urea).
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